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Pros and Cons of Domain Name Privacy Protection

Posted by hostsleek on 16 07 2015.

Whenever a domain name is registered an optional service is made available with a small amount of fee which is called “domain privacy”. How does it work? How will the service benefit you as you are paying an extra amount for it? We will make things easy for you, with the domain registration to detailed reviews and its pros and cons.

An introduction to domain privacy

Generally when a domain name is registered by someone the actual personal details are required to be entered as mentioned by International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. The personal details include the name, working phone number and postal address. As soon as the registration is done, the personal details will be featured to whois database, and will be viewed by everybody. Domain privacy registration is a service which keeps the personal details hidden from whois search. All the personal details will remain hidden in whois database. The personal details will be hidden behind proxy, what others will view from whois search will be information regarding proxy server. This is the reason why domain privacy is also called whois privacy.

For-domain privacy

As explained about domain privacy, after its registration all the private information are hidden from people’s search, thus saving the details from abuse. The benefits which can be availed by opting for this particular service are:

Prevent Spam: One of the advantages to have domain privacy is that you will be free from all the spams, all your personal information is hidden from public. Your details will remain hidden from spammers, they won’t be able to get through your email, phone number or fax number. That means that you will be free from spam emails, fax messages and crank calls. For the same reason domain privacy is suggested, to get rid of unwanted spam.

Avoid domain capturing: if you have a high value domain name which may attract a lot of people. They might attempt to capture your domain. But if you have a private registration service, your personal information will be hidden. Though it does not fully guarantee your domain, but it at least saves you from the registrar’s end.

Against-domain privacy

Keeping all the advantages of domain privacy in mind, there still are some negative effects that we must know. It is necessary to put everything into check, based on internet development. You must consider these points if you choose to register private domain.

Not trustworthy: Hiding information from the public means that they cannot view anything about you. For an instance, if you are registered under domain privacy and you own a shopping site, then people will not be able to view your personal details when they search for it. As a result they may think that you are a spammer and hesitate to shop from you site, as only spammers hide their details.

Negative impact on SEO: The search engine guidelines suggest that your personal details must not be hidden. Less rank will be awarded by a search engine like Google if domain privacy is registered. Google would want to match all the details for the authenticity of the content.


You security is the main concern for you then you can get your domain registered, but if you are looking forward to run an ecommerce site, then your site will get less ranking, as the authenticity of you site will be questioned. For that, you will have to remove this service.

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