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Why am I suddenly getting so much spam mail?

Posted by hostsleek on 16 07 2015.

Mr. Green’s business email account hardly received any spam mail. Maybe the odd  2 – 3 emails per week announcing that he has won millions of dollars. Nothing more. All of a sudden, he noticed a sudden spurt in the amount of junk mail that was hitting his Inbox. He was the target of a massive spam attack which kept his phone beeping through the day.

Why am I suddenly getting so much spam mail?

He was sure to ask us the “Why me?” question. In an attempt to answer the many questions of spam targets, we have listed some Frequently Asked Questions below:

Where do they get my email address from?

  • From a Friends Contact List / Address Book which was hacked.
  • “A man is known by the company he keeps”
  • Malware or virus on your computer
  • They just Googled it
  • Its on your own / company website
  • It was published in the newspaper
  • It was so obvious (yourname@company.com)
  • You replied to a spam mail (Or probably you setup an automatic email response)

How do I stop these mails?

  • Remove your published email address
  • Remove any signatures with your email address
  • Spam Filters are a good option
  • Custom Email Filters may also work if setup intelligently
  • Check for any old Auto Responders on dead email accounts
  • Talk to your Hosting Provider

Do you’ll use a Spam Filter software?

Yes. HostingXtreme uses multiple types of spam filters to ensure that spam is checked and removed with minimum resource usage for our server.

Is there a 100% way to stop spam?

Yes. There is a 100% way to stop automated spam mails. Its called a “Challenge-Response system”. It is NOT recommended by many people.

The “Challenge-Response System” BoxTrapper Spam Trap, keeps all incoming mail in a temporary folder, without delivering it to your inbox. The sender is sent an automated reply, asking them to confirm if they have actually sent the mail. Once they confirm by clicking the confirmation link, their mail will be delivered to you.

Can you make the spam filter stricter?

Yes we can. But you risk losing your genuine mail as well.

Why are they targetting me? What will they get by sending me mails?

You are most likely a random target.

“Prevention is better than Cure”

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