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Why Your Site Should Have a SSL Certificate

Posted by hostsleek on 16 07 2015.

The internet can be a terrible place where information is stolen every day. Many people have gone online only to have their personal identity stolen and have been  robbed out of money… READ MORE

The internet can be a terrible place where information is stolen every day. Many people have gone online only to have their personal identity stolen and have been  robbed out of money from their bank cards and their credit cards. This phenomenon of hackers and spammers has caused many people not to want to go on any type of online site that is not secured. A hacker can navigate a site that is not secured in a matter of minutes, stealing everyone who has been on the site’s personal information. If your site is ever linked with being hacked and a person has lost their personal information it can put a terrible damper on the traffic coming to your site. There is a way to ensure that people who come onto your site are safe and that is with a SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A SSL certificate is a file document that is posted by companies that specialize in keeping an eye on sites and making sure that they are secure from hackers. The document contains cryptographic keys which are used to block any information that goes out across the server. The cryptographic keys cannot be hacked as they run on alternating rhythms and different circuit controls to make sure that they cannot be hacked. When you have a SSL certificate added to your site your site will have the HTTPS added into the address bar allowing people who come onto your site know it is secure to come on to. Within the file document there will also be a code that makes a secure padlock show up within the browser as well. When a visitor to your site clicks the lock it will show the company that provides the SSL certificate, whether or not the site is encrypted and a place for you to click to see the certificate as well as a place where you can go through tips to make sure that the site is secure.

Getting Started with your SSL Certificates

There are of course steps you will have to take to make sure that you get the correct SSL certificates. If you find a company that is offering them for free you will need to steer clear of that company because it is a scam. Free is never good in the world of security and they are more than likely trying to steal your customers information and leak out other information to other parties. If you do not make sure that you obtain your SSL certificates the right way you will find that you may have breeches in security. Before you hire any company to do your certification you will want to do your research. Find out what other companies the company keeps certification for. Do research online to see if that company has had information released or hacked and see if they have any negative reviews. This can help to show you where to get your SSL certificate from.

You will need a SSL certificate if you wish to make your visitors feel more secure. If you are selling things, or if you will be sharing personal information getting this certificate is a must have as many people will no longer shop where a certificate is not present. Having a certificate for your site will help aid in traffic boosting and help you to know that you are offering a safe and secure site for all of your clients.

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